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Eventually,with URL re-direction, anything is possible.

Mr New Gets DOWN !

cs, mf, dl, ts, bb, pd, sg, pp, bt, fhf ! Chorks,, this one's for you !!

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Boogie 2002 News / Fillmore East Journals 1968 - 1971

BOOGIE 2002 News !!!!!

Boogie 2002 is CANCELLED as Ed & Ellen are moving to North Carolina.
Don't be too forlorn and don't lose your boogie spirit, as Boogie 2003 is on as scheduled.
I will be taking Boogie North down south on May 20th to Chapel Hill, North Carolina
to BOOGIE with Robert, Ed, Steve, Billy Bob and other great Chapel Hill musicians.

The Patron Saints have reunited with the original drummer, Mr New or 'Drummer',
and the new CD is progressing along just fine. Patron Saints FOREVER !!
A three day studio session at the beginning of March produced four new songs
and generated much good feeling. YEAH BABY! YEAH BAY-BEEEEEE !!

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